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Another attempt to jumpstart my muse

It’s been awhile, but sometimes I’m inspired to write. These days, it seems like it’s mostly memory that serves as my muse. Central Europe is awash with faded impressions of important events of my young adult past. It’s a place … Continue reading

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Fond recollections of my time with The Stranger

I remember returning to Seattle in the fall of 1991. I had spent two years drifting around the Detroit area after failing to apply for admission to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in time for the 1990-91 school … Continue reading

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Silesian Summer: The Move to Wrocław

I guess it’s safe to say I’m something of a procrastinator. After a 17-month post-Sochi Olympics slump in writing, during which a nearby country was invaded and paid work came and went, it took a writing contest to get me … Continue reading

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Stumbling upon Hedgehog in the Fog

My daughter and I, and shortly after, her mom, sat down in the first minutes of the televised Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, and watched the dream sequence of the little girl who, before falling asleep, had been reading … Continue reading

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The wisdom of not outgrowing Santa Claus

One thing that makes Belarus unique among former Soviet countries is that, having such a large amount of its post World War II population Catholic, it maintains Western Christmas as a holiday. This doesn’t occur in Ukraine or further east … Continue reading

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Semi-rural Belarus – how to get there

I don’t normally talk to many people these days. Most of the people I run into speak a much more advanced form of Russian than I, embarrassingly, am able to remember from my university studies. But of those that I … Continue reading

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Odd flowers in Ostrovets

An Evening Primrose grows outside our window. If to look at its origins, on the other side of the world somewhere in Mexico, this plant seems like it would be wildly out of place in Belarus. Its journey here took … Continue reading

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