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Places in History: Sketches of past lives taken from a shared family tree

At the end of 2010, when I accepted an offer to join the curator community on, I was in the middle of a personal project to collect history from everywhere I had traveled, and to put it all into … Continue reading

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Another attempt to jumpstart my muse

It’s been awhile, but sometimes I’m inspired to write. These days, it seems like it’s mostly memory that serves as my muse. Central Europe is awash with faded impressions of important events of my young adult past. It’s a place … Continue reading

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Fond recollections of my time with The Stranger

I remember returning to Seattle in the fall of 1991. I had spent two years drifting around the Detroit area after failing to apply for admission to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in time for the 1990-91 school … Continue reading

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Ben M. Angel’s maxims

Near the start of this blog, I once tried to translate into Spanish the Maxiims of François de La Rochefoucauld. These were so like my own thoughts that I figured if I had a reference to work from online, I could … Continue reading

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At the end of a year of living in Poland

  About a year ago (well, it will be a year on June 15, 2016), I brought my family from Belarus to Wrocław in western Poland. The move was as well-coordinated as anything resembling a flight of refugees from potential … Continue reading

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Silesian Summer: A change of seasons (Albina Angel’s First Day of School in Poland)

Almost a month has passed since school has started, but I figured I would be remiss in not mentioning something about the end of our Silesian summer. After all, the change of seasons marks a further step toward settling my … Continue reading

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Remembering a Baku tiger

In the middle of April 2006, my boss and I strolled back from the Hyatt Regency in Baku, Azerbaijan. I was barely a month in the country, but we already established a lunchtime routine where we’d go have a sandwich … Continue reading

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