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Baby Ben follows big sister Albina’s footsteps home

Four and a half years ago, about 12 hours after Marina gave birth for the first time, Albina was brought to her mother for the first time to learn to breastfeed. Marina was concerned that she hadn’t quite got the … Continue reading

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Birth of Baby Ben in Belarus

After five days in the Ostrovets Central Regional Hospital, my wife Marina called to say that she was in labor. The time on the phone clock showed to be around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 4. The skies partly filled … Continue reading

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A comparison of two maternity hospitals in Belarus

Toward the start of Marina’s pregnancy, a news story came out through the state-run television station that featured the hospital at Ostrovets, asserting that it was rated the third best hospital in the country for its size. Looking back, the … Continue reading

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Marina on Due Date-plus-one

On Friday, my beautiful wife Marina left home for the maternity ward here in Ostrovets, a small semi-rural town in northern Belarus. It was the second time she would be giving birth in 4-1/2 years, the official 40th week, or … Continue reading

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