Another late Father’s Day ancestry: On the road to Moctezuma

About a year ago, I wrote an article that turned out to be one of the more popular of my little blog, a description of my father’s family’s descent from one of the first blacksmiths to arrive in North America, Hernando Martin Serrano. The surname Martin Serrano, later shortened to Martin, or modified to Martinez, among other variations, spread across northern New Mexico until it became one of the most popular among those of Hispanic heritage in that state.

Over the intervening year, I’ve managed to expand my father’s tree quite a bit, clarifying some mysteries along the way, and ultimately finding the kind of ancestral lineage that leaves one a bit bedazzled, and a bit self-doubtful perhaps. I mean, if one were truly a descendant of Moctezuma, the last Aztec Emperor, shouldn’t there be a room full of gold somewhere with my name on it? Or was that just an Inca thing?

In any case, I wanted to share an update of my father’s ancestry, perhaps a bit late for Father’s Day this year, but, well, at least its still the same month. I’m going to divide this presentation into three parts:

The Children of Eulalita Esquivel

Descent from the Embudo Land Grant

A Lineage from Isabel de Moctezuma

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