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On the Road to Moctezuma: Descent from the Embudo Land Grant

Family ancestry in exile – the Martin Serrano family during PopĂ©’s Rebellion Most historians and genealogists follow the lead of Fray Angelico Chavez, an early New Mexico historian, by accepting that two of the sons of Luis Martin Serrano, the … Continue reading

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On the Road to Moctezuma: The World of Eulalita Esquivel

In the quiet of February 1846, in the sleepy farming village of Canova on the banks of the Rio Grande, Maria Rosa Gonzalez (age 26), the wife of Jose Maria Esquibel (age 29), gave birth to a baby girl later … Continue reading

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Alisa Shadura awarded most talented girl in Ostrovets

I’ve delayed writing about the results of how my niece, Alisa Shadura, did in her beauty pageant, in part because of other projects, and in part because of a pretty miserable bout of bronchitis that left me with little energy … Continue reading

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