The International Campaign – Last Chance to Vote for Alisa Shadura!

Alisa Shadura in performance.

Alisa Shadura in performance.

With two days left until the Mini-Miss Ostrovets beauty pageant, our family’s contestant, Alisa Shadura, believed herself to be mostly ready for the big event. She prepared a song for the talent portion, and had gone to the rehearsals. She even managed to dodge a bullet on a cold that many in the family had suffered (myself, for much of the past few weeks), getting past the worst of it just a couple days ago. However, she hadn’t yet thought up a self-introduction.

When she asked for help with this, I saw it as a good opportunity to interview her about some of the things that people are generally interested in when they talk to someone for whom the whole of life and the world is still in front of them.

Ben: What is it that you want to do when you grow up?

Alisa: I want to write screenplays – romantic screenplays, and novels, and sing and act. I’d really like to sing opera.

Ben: What are some of the things that you like to do now, for hobbies?

Alisa: I like composing poems.

Ben: What are some of the most recent works you’ve been writing?

Alisa: I wrote a poem about the final school bell of the year. (School ended here a couple days ago.)

There is still a few hours left before the June 2 deadline to vote in the Miss Photo contest, in support of Alisa.

If you are willing to help, please follow the following procedure:

Click on the site of the Ostrovetskaya Pravda:

  1. Copy the following Cyrillic text: ШАДУРО Алиса
  2. While on the Ostrovetskaya Pravda page, hit Control-F, or Find Text.
  3. Paste into the Find Text box the Cyrillic text you copied (ШАДУРО Алиса) and click the downward arrow.
  4. Click the check mark in front of the highlighted text.
  5. Go to the bottom of the list and find a box with the word “ГОЛОС” inside.
  6. Click this box.

Your much appreciated vote should be tabulated at this point. She is probably not going to beat out the seven contestants that are ahead of her – the top four are: Aleksandra Blashkevich (539 votes – 26 percent of 1,770 cast), Diana Volodko (462 votes – 22 percent), Darya Petrovich (232 votes – 11 percent), and Karolina Shukelovich (193 votes – 9 percent).

Alisa has consistently maintained 3 percent, and as of this writing only has 58 votes at this time. Photos are located here. (Again, cut and paste ШАДУРО Алиса to find her picture.)

Will attempt to report next on her success at the contest on Sunday.

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