Somogy Tales: Sunday, July 22, will be the Kukoricás Ételek Fesztiválja – Gadány

This is the program as written in Hungarian, in case that is somehow easier for any reader to read than English.

Iowa, eat your heart out.

Since about 2005, Gadany, Somogy’s hidden woodland farming village, has been the site of an annual corn dish festival. Featuring a competition where cooks prepare their best corn-related dishes on site, the ancient village plans a day of festivities that begins with a holy mass (the village is very Catholic), and moves on eventually to a concert featuring local cultural groups, an ABBA impressionist, an operetta troupe, some karaoke (cringe), a local professional singer, and finally fireworks.

As you can imagine, it’s an excellent time to come down and view farming property. (Set your GPS to: 46°31’18.00″N, 17°23’18.00″E.)

The program for the festival includes the following activities, all taking place on Sunday, July 22:

8:00 Arrival of competitors, registration. Food preparation begins.

8:30 Festival mass at St. John the Baptist Church

9:00 Folk fair (including bouncy castle for the kids) opens.

Attila Gelencser, local politician, will be speaking at the event. Photo via Gelencser’s website.

10:30 The Seventh Annual Corn Dish Festival opening ceremony. Includes greetings by Janos Osz, mayor, and opening speech by Attila Gelencser, parliament representative for Somogy county

12:00 Judging begins

12:00 – 14:00 Social gathering for visitors held by the residents of the village

14:00 Announcement of results and awards

14:30 Opening Ceremonies: Janos Osz, mayor, and Laszlo Szaszfalvi, member of the national parliament. Outstanding student award presentation.

15:00 Cultural concert at the outdoor theater. List of performers:

  • Mesztegnyo kindergarten choir
  • Bajtarsi Egyesulet (Fraternal Association) Marcali
  • Tapsony women’s choir
  • Mesztegnyo village children’s folk dance group
  • Csomend Seniors Club
  • Osztopan Seniors Club

18:00 Retro ABBA hits by Gabriella Osz

19:00 Karaoke

20:00 Megarox operetta troupe from Kaposvar – musical compilation

21:00 Performance by David

22:00 Fireworks

Naturally, everyone in the village hopes you can stop in.

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2 Responses to Somogy Tales: Sunday, July 22, will be the Kukoricás Ételek Fesztiválja – Gadány

  1. Rhonda says:

    Thank you for the history on Village of Gadany, It has been most informative, My grandfather immigrated to the US in early 1900’s. After coming to the US he legally changed his last name to Gadany from Gadanyi, as I understand it the (i) meaning you are from their. Thank you again.

    • benmangel says:

      Appreciate the kind words and the fact that the information was of some use. I think the property that my friend was trying to sell is still for sale, if interested.

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