Somogy Tales: Vad Fruttik plays tonight in Marcali festival

The members of Vad Fruttik, playing since 2005, in the current lineup since 2006. Photo via Vad Fruttik’s website.

Vad Fruttik has apparently been around the past seven years on the Hungarian music scene. Their online biography doesn’t cover as much of their starting influences, nor how they came together, as much as did the online biography for Holdviola. Instead, their biography focuses on their many achievements over their career together.

The group will be featured tonight at the Marcali Spa and Leisure Center at 10 p.m. When coming down this weekend to look for properties in the area, take some time to check out their performance at the festival.

In 2005, RadioCafe released a compilation album entitled “Instant Vol. 1.” One of the songs in the release was entitled “Szerelmes dal” (or “Love songs”). This song marked the emergence of the band Vad Fruttik.

A year later in 2006, Vad Fruttik produced its first album, entitled “Rózsikámnak digitálisan,” after signing on to Mama Records. By this time, the band had reached its present membership (Gergely Kerekes on guitar, Zoltan Hock on bass, Attila Hock on drums, Gyula Gyorffy on keyboards, and guitarist Marcell Liko as vocalist), and was appearing on MTV-Hungary with the video clip “Nekem senkim sincsen” (“I have no one”).

In 2007, the band was making waves, taking part in the National Duracell Music Marathon tour (they would play a total of 40 concerts in that year, and achieving top honors at the VOLT Festival. Their song “Sárga zsiguli” (“Yellow Zhiguli”) was featured on the VOLT compilation that year. Also released was an English version of “I have no one,” which was featured on a Popkommra compilation entitled “Magyar Könnyűzenei Exportiroda” (“Hungarian Dance Music Exports”). Changes in formatting at MR2 Petofi Radio, meanwhile, worked in the band’s interest, allowing their music (which included “Forró nyár,” or “Hot Summer,” released also in video in 2007) to be heard nationwide every day.

In 2008, the band participated in the MR2 Roadshow in April, after selling out the A38 venue a month earlier. A month later, in May, they played in front of 3,000 people at the Zöld Pardon (“Green Pardon”) venue. The summer didn’t provide much of a break for the band (they played 60 shows that year total) as they performed in festival after festival: Fishing on Orfű, VOLT, Hegyalja, EFOTT, Campus, Balatone, Sziget, and SZIN. The VOLT and MR2 compilations that year include their earlier “Nekem senkim sincsen” work. In November, the band released through CLS Records “Egy éjszaka Bohémiában” (“A night in Bohemia”).

By 2009, the band appeared abroad in an international MR2 tour. They also played acoustic concerts in several high schools in the country, and took part in the OTP-sponsored “Ground of Sound” tour (they would play 70 concerts that year). Their release of “Kemikáliák” (“Chemicals”) would appear on the VOLT compilation for that year, and appearances on MTV IKON kept the band in the national spotlight. Meanwhile, the band tried something new, hosting a “Fruttik Tabor,” a camp during which they spent time with their fans.

In 2010, the band again sold out A38 in February, and in April, they played the Palace of Arts. Not long after that, the band toured Transylvania with MR2, and released their single “Lehetek én is” in May. In August, the band again hosted their camp, recordings from which were featured in a Vol. 2 live album. In September, the band recorded an acoustic release with MR2. Their third album came out the following month.

In 2011, the band had a heavy summer schedule, playing at Zöld Pardon in front of 8-10,000 people. At a subsequent Zp demonstration, the band appeared in front of thousands. Meanwhile, the band had successfully achieved the 1 million download mark for “Sárga zsiguli,” and the 2 million download mark for “Nekem senkim sincsen.” Their video clip “Nem hiszek” also was released last year.

Since the start of this year, “Lehetek én is” has been downloaded 1.5 million times. The band’s works were featured on the X Factor program. Also released was a remixed video of their Palace of Arts performance of their song “Üzenet” (“Message”).

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