Somogy Tales: Preview of the 8th Annual Marcali Eurofolk Festival

The group Second Avenue will be playing tonight at the Multicultural Party at the Marcali Spa and Recreational Park, north end of town. Photo via Facebook

The highway that passes southward past Gadany from Marcali eventually terminates at Barcs. This city is actually an international border crossing leading into Croatia. As such, it seemed only fitting that you’d find a Croatian dancing troupe performing alongside this road at the start of the 8th Annual Marcali EuroFolk Festival.

The group, called KUD Verasdin, helped kick off the festival, performing traditional dances and song first in the parking lot of the Penny Market, then at Kunzelsau Square, the pedestrian plaza across the street in front of the Hungaria Haz shopping center.  Their performance was actually quite professionally done, and at Kunzelsau, their movement and colorful dress managed to get one of the youngest members of the audience, a three year old girl, rather excited. If the hopes of Eurofolk are realized in the preservation of culture, she might one day be dancing in a traditional Somogy troupe herself some 15-20 years from now.

The art rock group Holdviola will be featured on Friday night at the Marcali Eurofolk Festival. Photo via Holdviola’s website.

The Festival is a good reason to head out to the western end of Lake Balaton for the weekend to check out the area. Between today and Sunday, music events are scheduled at several venues across Marcali. At 7 tonight, for instance, a Multicultural Party will take place at the city’s Spa and Recreational Park (the “Varosi Furdo”), featuring the group Second Avenue, an art-rock group that hails from Budapest. Featuring Peter Suchman on vocals and rapping by Szoni Ferenczi, the party will be held in honor of the visiting participants from other countries.

Vad Fruttik playing at a recent concert in Székesfehérvár. Photo by Timea Belenyesi via Vad Fruttik’s website.

Other acts that are scheduled to play at this event include Holdviola (a folk rock trio from Miskolc) on Friday night, and Vad Fruttik (a five member band formed in 2005, featuring Liko Marceli) on Saturday night.

I’ll try to post more on these acts as the weekend develops, but this will have to do for now. (Ah, the limitations of a computer battery in a wifi hotspot…)

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