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Got the shakes – Chile’s March 25 earthquake from Valparaiso (150 miles north of the epicenter)

Sunday was kind of quiet at the hostel. I had been trying to get through with browsing all my LinkedIn notifications for the past couple days when there was some light rattling caught my attention. At first, I thought it … Continue reading

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Albina’s Family History 101

As with any great tale, a family history has to start someplace. For this great story, it starts with a little girl. Albina Angel was born in Lida, Belarus, about three years ago. (She will be three on March 3.) … Continue reading

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Ben’s Periodical For March 1, 2012

A person can promise themselves to do something perfect until the cows come home, but eventually, either that something gets done or it doesn’t. Time, of course, is on the side of it getting done – you can always get … Continue reading

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